The language of food

Slow food

All snacks and meals are included in the fees as well as organic milk and warm-baked homemade bread.

It’s snack time down in the Fairy Forest. The children set the table and decorate it with leaves and flowers they have collected. We sit down as a family would. We light our ‘Together Candle’, hold hands and sing blessings on our meal. We chat about our news, talk about the projects we are busy with. Check in with each other. We eat the delicious food prepared for us by those who were busy in the Food Atelier earlier. We munch, mindfully.


We get a crate of fresh fruits and vegetables delivered each week of the growing season. We also make food together in the Food Atelier, good food like pumpkin bread, whole-wheat pizzas and apple-pear smoothies. Throughout the year, we have been pottering about in our organic veggie garden and composting projects. The children delight in taking part in their food’s preparation – from seed to table! And then… on Happy Fridays, we bake scones or muffins or cookies and all sit down to a Madhatter’s Tea Party in celebration of another week spent together.

Our food dream is to start a Small World Atelier.