Seedlings-Infant/toddler class


Infant-Toddler Class

FROM: 26 January 2017
WHERE: Small World Playgroup,Roosevelt Park Ext
WHEN: Every Thursday 2pm – 4pm
WHO: UNDER 2S and their loved ones

COST: R1440 per term or R180 per session including shared meal (8 week term)

Term dates: T2 26 April-15 June,no class on 25 May.

The Seedlings Infant-Toddler Program provides a dynamic and unique opportunity for parents/caregivers and their infants to embark on a mindful journey of discovery together. Children will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of expressive media for example clay, watercolours, light, shadow, music, etc. in an environment that encourages investigation, curiousity and experimentation.

Adults can observe as their child gains confidence in socialising and forming relationships with their peers. With discussions ranging from parenting practices to observations of children at work, participants will embark on a retrospective journey that will help to examine their parenting techniques and will provide opportunities for both parent and child to have shared experiences that inspire curiosity, promote connection and support the adult-child connection.
Come share and explore a variety of materials as well as rich, thought provoking conversations. and let’s not forget the delicious, nutritious High Tea served in the Fairy Forest afterwards!
CONTACT: Lindi Bell 082 879 8303