Our day

A typical school day
We have an emergent curriculum at Small World generated by the natural interests and curiosities of the children as we observe them in play. We then prepare the environment and plan related activities (called Provocations), to promote further learning about these interests. We respect the uniqueness of each child, what makes them tick, and so we will not impose our adult-set theme plan on the children week after week because we know that they are already intelligent enough to bring their ideas to the table. All children are curious creatures who want to know, so we place them right at the centre of their own learning. Children are active protagonists in their own learning story, and so will not hang around waiting for the next theme to be delivered to them via some all-knowing teacher. Who are we to say, “This is what is important to know! This is what you must swallow.” No, we construct knowledge together each day, looking afresh at ‘facts’, all the while certain that nothing is certain.
We teach children how to think, not what to think.

Here is an example of the Flow of our Day

08h00 A WARM WELCOME & DISCOVERY PLAY: inside playroom, light room, The Lab, art atelier, food atelier or outside in garden


09h45 Washing hands ritual, all drink water, 5 mins Brain Gym


10h00 GROUP ACTIVITY: music time, yoga, dance/drama, sing-song, baking time, meditation, storytelling circle, etc.


10h30 SNACK TIME & MORNING MEETING: sit down together for a shared meal and reflect on what we have been busy with and what we plan to do after snack time


10h40 Wee and wash ritual/nappy changing


10h45 OUTDOOR PLAY & ATELIER TIME: jungle gym, sand pit, bikes, obstacle courses, treasure hunts, chasing bubbles, trampoline, gardening, water play, cooking, art-making, etc.


11h15 GROUP ART-MAKING: focusing on one particular skill like painting, drawing, pasting, clay, wirework, collage


11h45 STORYTIME: reading with the Story Time Parrot


TUES 12h30-13h00 : Playball Preschool

WED 12h15-12h45:Playball Playgroup
WED 12h30-13h30:Cherry Tomatoes Gardening Club

THURS 12h30-13h15: Pottery

AFTERCARE -Daily 12pm-2pm R40 per child

12pm-4pm R80 per child ( Parents to supply packed lunch)