Welcome to the Small World family!

Let our story together begin!
Small World is a progressive, Reggio-inspired playschool
where the ‘Big Idea’ is to let children be children and enjoy the magic of being a child.
We take children from 18 months -5 years.

Our goal is chiefly to have fun and make friends, to live, to love, to laugh and, through all of this, to learn with teachers who care. It`s a wonderful opportunity for young children to be able to socialize with one another, to take part in creative activities such as sand and mud play, water play, dough play, ball skills and music. To listen to stories and acquire a love of books, to learn rhymes, songs, to play dress-up and engage in the many invitations to play in our Atelier (art studio). The children receive individual attention with puzzles and games, play outdoors on a jungle gym, ride scooters, potter about in our organic veggie garden, mix and make in our Mud Pie Kitchen, play housey-housey in the pink wendy house or simply sit and muse quietly on a garden bench.


The playgroup & preschool is called Small World for two reasons. Firstly, it’s a world for the small in which everything appeals to the awesome creativity and natural curiosity of the child: Mud-Pie Kitchens, Mad-hatters Tea Parties in the Fairy Forest and make-believing in the “House in the Forest”. We also have our own Art Atelier as well as a Food Atelier where children can wander in and wonder in and explore the languages of art and food for themselves in a joyful, unhurried way.

It is also called Small World because we want the boys and girls in our playgroup to be a close-knit group and treat each other like brothers and sisters. The parents can also feel part of something special, a small community which has the best interests of each other and its children at heart. It’s a small world after all!